@ 18 September 2015- Thailand

We rode from Samutsakhon (Bangkok), riding a distance of 250km continuing on down the main highway heading south. The day was very warm (mid to high 30’s) and sunny for a change.

As we made our way along the coast, the towns became far more commercial and full of large international resort complex’s. It was looking more Gold Coast (Queensland) that Thailand. Fortunately we made our way to a smaller low key town (albeit with a funny name) called Prachuap Khiri Khan. We did not have anything booked for accommodation but found a lovely hotel with a pool and individual bungalow accommodation for a really cheap rate, so we decided to spend the next couple of days and get our washing sorted before moving on.

We put our bike gear into a local laundry to be washed and were advised it would be ready for Sunday morning.

Shortly after arriving we bumped into a lovely Scottish lady (Marion) who had made the town her home some 3yrs ago and she kindly offered to show us around the area which was great. So the that evening we were off out with Marion to meet here friend and have a bite to eat. Transport was a little 100cc sidecar that the three of us got about on!

We were shown around the town and beach on this great little sidecar set up which I had great fun riding.

We had dinner with our new Scottish friend and other friends of hers for drinks after. which was a great laugh. We were kindly dropped back to our hotel in a car driven by a friend as it was raining once more.

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