I must admit I have a keen interest in motorcycles.  I have been fortunate enough to have ridden them overseas, raced Historicals and done the odd tour to the “Island” with the guys to see the World Supers and MotoGP’s. I am also lucky enough to have an understanding wife, Jo, who lets me indulge in all this although she still doesn’t understand why one person needs more than one bike.

The next chapter in my motorcycle diary has already started with the Beemer currently heading for the UK where I will pick it up and head for the 2015 IOM TT before hooking up with David for our trip back home to Sydney.

6 thoughts on “Steve”

  1. Steve, I’m fat UNCLE Bob—we met at the BSFOS, Eastern Creek—hope the IOM is going well/as planned. Do you have an e-mail address one can use ?


  2. Very nice of you Steve & thanks—had a drink etc. with DJM & Kathy the other night. Unsure if you’ve ridden the IOM yet. Hope all is going well. If I send you stuff that offends/annoys, please administer KITA. Bobby


  3. Hi Steve I think I may have finally hit on the correct post for you?!! Anyway am pleased you both ok; apart from your tyre and davids tummy problems and ankle injury- nothing is ever straight forward is it?
    Glad to see you are a few hundred kilometres away from the terrorist explosion today and you are quite safe, when these happenings appear on the news in Turkey and you are in Turkey we tend to assume its in the same area you are, so thank David for the reassuring update cos it means mum will sleep well tonight knowing you’re ok (as you know she thinks you’re still 5 years old) but I guess there’s really no age when it comes to worrying about a loved one!! Anyway alls good here I’m very jealous of all the kebabs you’ve been eating oh and not to mention the Turkish delight. Have a good day tomorrow and thanks for all the updates it makes your journey so easy for us to share with you. Love from us all.xx


    1. Hi Chris, we have been very fortunate with our little set backs, I got a puncture whilst at a service station and David’s ankle and tummy problems occurred when we had planned a couple of days R&R. Hopefully we can sort the tyres out today and although David is still a bit iffy he thinks he is ok to travel so the plan is to move on towards Iran.


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