Born 1966 in Sydney Australia to English parent and married  to the best wife (she signed the leave pass for me to do this trip) with two great step kids.

For my 4th birthday I was given a home built mini bike (complete with lawnmower engine to power it) and have not stopped riding since.

I work for Suncorp Insurance as a Risk Manager, based in Sydney. Big thanks to Suncorp as they operate a great policy that allows staff to take a career break.

Previous adventures include;

Having ridden various types of bikes over the years, including;

  • Fully automatic home built mini bikes
  • Moto cross
  • Enduro
  • Road bikes (Kawasaki KR1-S & Yamaha R1 being my favorites)
  • Side car cross – swinging
  • Road sidecar racer (Long chassis 1,000cc) – swinging
  • Adventure bikes

Also currently restoring a 1984 Ducati MHR 900 that I plan to win a concours de elegance with once I have it back on the road.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASydney Motorsport Park (year 2000) onboard my Yamaha YZF R1



9 thoughts on “David”

  1. Hello David and Steve!Nice to meet you and good luck for this wonderful travel.In memory of a moment at pizzeria Taormina-Toulon


  2. Hi
    We see each other in Zahedan Inn, you want someone translate your request to go gas station, I come with you to the gas station and …
    I hope you remember.


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