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@ 24 September 2015- (David) Australia

The Wrap Up

I arrived back in Sydney at 07:30am to be greeted by my lovely wife Kathy and my two dogs (Oscar & Georgie) who went ballistic when I climbed into the back seat of the car where they were sitting.

That’s it, all done, finished. I was now sitting in the passenger’s seat of our “other BMW” in Sydney’s peak hour traffic making our way back to Rushcutters Bay with the wife beside me and the dogs in the back seat.

I was feeling proud that the dream I have had since a boy, I had made come to life and completed the epic journey riding from London to Kuala Lumpur. Two years of planning to ride 22,500km’s, through 20 countries in 15 weeks.

One thing I have taken from the ride…………. People are awesome!

Whatever country we were in, whatever we needed, there were always kind and friendly people waiting to help. Whether in the deserts of Pakistan or the hills of Nepal. The world really is a great place.

In memory of my great friend Ken Bacon who passed away after losing his battle with cancer on 30 June 2015.

Ken Bacon
How I shall always remember Ken, a man of simple needs but never far from his bike!