A Mad Ride – Helping the Cancer Council

Welcome to our fundraising page as part of A Mad Ride London To Sydney.

In doing this ride from London to Sydney (June to December 2015) we made a personal choice to put ourselves at risk and test ourselves beyond anything we have undertaken before in our lives. The outcome of this impending adventure is unknown, but it is all our choice and we will return safely.

Cancer patients like David’s best mate Ken are also on an epic journey that tests the body and mind far beyond anything else any of us could imagine. Our adventure pales in insignificance compared to what people like Ken go through every day. Life’s choices are taken away and each day is another challenge that you somehow get through.

Ken has recently been admitted into palliative care and can no longer ride his motor bike.

None of us should ever have to suffer like Ken. It is vital the rest of us don’t loose site of the challenge and do what we can to assist in supporting finding a cure for cancer. We encourage you to donate what you would normally spend on a night out partying. How often do you spend over $50 on a night out? Now donate that equivalent amount to this cause that we can all benefit from, and it’s tax deductible. Thank you.  Donate Here

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