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@ 23 September 2015- (David) Malaysia to Australia

My bags are packed ready for my flight back to Sydney
Bags Packed

My flight today was at 3:50pm so the morning was taken up trying to work out how I would pack all my luggage from the trip, including my bulky motorcycle boots, armoured riding outfit, helmet and camping equipment.

I popped back into the airport shops and begged a suit shop for a large suit hanger and bag (the type they give away with new suit purchases) which sorted the issue of how to carry the riding outfit. For the helmet I popped into Toys R Us (at the airport) and grabbed a large plastic shopping bag which only meant I now needed to pack the boots in my suite case with all the other bits.

I managed to get my checked in luggage case down to 22.5kg and the carry on bag was around 15kg. All I had to do was make sure no one weighed my carry on luggage. I had inner tubes, spark plugs, oil filter and may other random pieces of camping equipment inside my carry on bag which would surely create interest should any security check occur.

The morning quickly went and it was soon time to check in for my flight home. I was feeling sad that I was finishing up this amazing adventure but pleased that the next day I would be reunited with my loved ones back in Sydney.

Goodby Malaysia.

This had been my final hotel for the trip


@ 22 September 2015- (David) Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Airport

The view from the front of the hotel I stayed at. KL Terminal 2

The freighting of the bike was the order of the day.

Kathy had been busy back in Sydney chasing up the freight forwarders and I now had things agreed with a company (ANC Global Malaysia- Mr Haji Hisham Hashim) to air freight the bike back to Sydney. I managed to speak with Haji first thing and agreed to drop the bike off at the Cargo Terminal at 3:00pm today which meant the bike had to be cleaned and prepared before then.

As I was staying at the airport I figured it would mean a trip to the local town centre to buy the cleaning equipment to sort the bike, but would you believe their was a supermarket in the airport where I could even buy a toilet brush! Try and do that at Heathrow or Sydney airports. Ha

Clean Equipement
Believe it of not, you can buy all these things at the airport.. Including a toilet brush. Ha

As the bike needed to pass through Australian customs it was vital that all the dirt and muck was removed so as not to cause any possibility of importing anything that may be adverse to the Australian forma or flora.

The staff at the hotel found it quite funny watching this tourist spending so much time cleaning his bike, especially when I was using the toilet brush. 2 hours later and the bike was ready to be shipped.

After lunch I jumped on the bike and took the short ride around to the Cargo Village where I met Haji from the freight Co to hand the bike over. It had been an amazing ride but this is where I said goodby to the bike till I collect it back in Sydney. It was such a pity the bike could not be air freighted to Darwin, enabling the final ride back to Sydney from the top of Australia.

Cargo Village
Handing the bike over to Sham from Freight Forwarding Co.
Cargo Village
Locking the bike safely laway at Kuala Lumpur Cargo Village

Once the bike was handed over it was a quick shop at the local seconds shop to buy a couple of luggage cases to pack my belongings for my flight home.

As the bike was now sorted I was able to purchase a ticket for my trip home online. I would now be flying back to Sydney tomorrow!

@ 21 September 2015- (David) Thailand to Malaysia

Leaving Thailand
The Thai border crossing

I was on the road, leaving Hat Yai by 07.30am and stopping nearby for breakfast. The next stop was the Thailand/Malaysian boarder post which was only 65km away.

I arrived at the post by 09:30am and had made the crossing into Malaysia in under 1hr which was amazing as previously we had to allow 3hrs on average to pass through the borders. Both the Thai and Malaysian officials had the act together.

As I had a bit of time up my sleeve I took the opportunity to sit on the grass by the border post and have morning tea before jumping back on board  for the ride down to Kuala Lumpur (KL) which is a distance of 545km.

Thai Border Crossing
The Thailand to Malaysia boarder crossing. Went very smoothly.

The Malaysian roads are fantastic, with great surfaces, well maintained and excellent road signage which all made the trip down to KL very fast indeed.

I was able to cruise at 120km/h pretty much all the way, with no traffic lights so  by 2:30pm I was only 75km from my destination ,however another monsoonal storm came in and I found myself hiding under an overpass bridge along with several other bike riders in order to take cover.

Hiding From Rain
Hiding under an overpass with several other bikers

I soon slipped on my wet weather gear and headed back out into the wet, the lanes were difficult to see and I found the best course was to keep left and simply sit behind a car and sit tight.

I was heading to Kuala Lumpur International Airport as the air freight companies are located in the vicinity, there are always plenty of hotels nearby large airports and road directions are typically well sign posted. This made for an easy ride in (apart from the wet which slowly reduced); after chatting with a couple of local bike rider near the airport who gave me the name of a cheap easy to find hotel I was soon at my destination.

I ended up stopping at the Tune Hotel (similar concept to Ibis) which was attached to the side of Terminal 2 at the airport. I could not have got any closer.


Check the difference in size between the local bikes and the BMW
The BMW looks a little big compared to the local bikes at the hotel.