Our Location

Note; Our ride start date was 14 June 2015 and completed on 24 September 2015 after arriving safely back in Sydney.

An interactive map reviewing the journey will son be posted.


13 thoughts on “Our Location”

  1. While we try to figure out how to upload the Oscar-nominated video, we would like to say we were pleased to know zoo had found the Ace cafe, after turning the wrong way at the top of the road! Safe Travels!


    1. Upload the video to via Facebook “A Mad Ride London To Sydney” and it should upload directly onto our Facebook page. We had a great ride today,don’t forget to checkout “our location” on this web site. Cheers, David & Steve.


  2. Columns is probably safer than–PILLONS—I thought it was PILLIONS when I first read it Steve & clearly the CHILLI isn’t chilly at all it’s clearly very hot—burnt all your hair off—other than that you guys seem to be enjoying yourselves. Great & green with envy.–Bobby


  3. Sorry to hear the sad news. Consider yourself hugged from afar. Enjoy the travels and keep safe. What a magnificent adventure you’re having. Keep up the blog posts we’re all enjoying them. The Murphys and the Martins in the Cook Islands


  4. Looking great David. Wish I was there. My bloody R1200GS had a rear suspension ESA unit failure and it was off the road for 6 weeks waiting for the parts from Germany. Pissed OFF – Yes. Lucky it was still within warranty but only by 2 weeks so it cost NIL


    1. Hi Irfan, great to get the comment from you. It’s all been a bit mad recently, what with no internet in Iran and Pakistan with very limited internet as well. We were under armed convoy pretty much all the way and directed up to Quetta (no choice) so unfortunately we did not get a chance to see your sister. Thanks for the support however. Currently in Amritsar, India and getting back on track. Cheers, David


  5. Had a cuppa with dad Saturday-sms’d you a shot of the Head with the barbed wire inserts-No word from him since, but expect he is home now. Pleased you’re out of Pakistan & into India & getting back on track. Bobby


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