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@ 17 June 2015- Spain

Overlooked San Sebastián
Steve and David hanging out with the city in the background

Today we rode from San Sebastián to Cubells, which is approximately 100km short of Andorra. The ride was nothing short of wonderful, starting at sea leave and making our way up to 1,290m with scenery that made it hard to concentrate on the riding! In the distance we could see snow covered mountains, fortresses on distant hill tops and deep gorges where water flows down to the sea from the mountains.

We covered approximately 500km, all navigated without GPS which certainly added to the entertainment, as it is very easy to simply get carried away with riding and forget where we need to go.

Cubells Spain
Relaxing after a solid days ride.


@ 16 June 2015 – Spain

The bikes strapped down on the ferry journey
Good by England, Spain here we come!

We arrived at Bilbao at 06:45hrs in damp conditions and approx 16degC temps. It was good to be riding on mainland Europe for the first time.

Before leaving Bilbao we made a flying visit to the Guggenheim Museum which is a very interesting building to say the least.

Guggenheim Museum

Todays ride was an easy one making our way along the N624 B Road to San Sebastián. The countryside was lush and heavily forested in placed with the mountains rising very sharply and disappearing into the low hanging clouds.

Unfortunately Garmin GPS device failed to correctly load the Europe maps so we took a crash course in reading Spanish road signs which as it happened worked out ok.

We are finding European drivers very “bike friendly” which adds to the pleasure of riding.

We have stopped at San Sebastián for the night and about to hit the town to sample the local seafood and wine.