@ 18 June 2015- Andorra to France

Heading through the French Pyrenees. Wonderful riding
Recharging Our Batteries
The black (Shorai) box is used to recharge all our equipment and is charged off my bike as I ride during the day

After starting out the day just short of Andorra we made it into Andorra central just before lunch. The riding was perfect once again with temps in the low 20’s and clear sky’s with lots of corners to keep us entertained.

We stopped in Andorra for a coffee and a bite to eat before heading out of town towards the French coast. The highest peak we went over was 2,400m and snow was still at the road side in patches! We commented how things will be changing in the coming weeks as we head south.

Following the ride through Andorra we made our way down to our destination for the day, Perpignan, France. The ride was only approx. 320km’s in total today however the level of concentration was high and temps went up to 31degC by mid afternoon, which was very different to what we had experienced this morning with the cool mountain breeze.

The day finished up at a motel with the air conditioning blasting and a cool beer. Now, to do it all again tomorrow.

For those of you wondering how we keep our electrical devices charged (GoPro’s, iPads, helmet com’s etc) we devised a cheeky portable device that is charged off the bike as I ride and can simply be unplugged at the end of the day and used to charge up to 6 USB powered items. Check the pic.

Remember to check Our Location page on this website.

5 thoughts on “@ 18 June 2015- Andorra to France”

    1. Hi Rex, the charger works a treat. It means we are not reliant on mains voltage at any stage of our trip or do we have to worry about international plugs etc. keep your comments coming. Great to see. Cheets


  1. I’m enjoying all your updates & following your route it’s great to be with you on your journey, keep em coming & stay safe you two. Love from us all especially auntie Jean.x


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