@ 20 June 2015- France

Having watching a LeMans GT race
Having watching a LeMans GT race

After getting back on track this morning after yesterday’s mix up we headed off to Aix En Provance for lunch. We both feel we must have missed the good bits after hearing so many positive stories about this town. The down side of being on a bike is having to walk wearing heavy bike gear, especially when temps are around 30degC. This limits your exlporing at times.

After lunch we made our way to Marseille for a well earn cold drink along side the harbour. Marseille is a large shipping town and also heavily catering to tourists.

Weather was was perfect again however the Mitral wind was still blowing hard till later in the day making the riding harder going.

As we approached our destination for the day (Toulon) we came across the famous (well to petrol heads) Paul Richard race circuit. It was an opportunity not to be missed as the roar of engines sucked us in. As we approached the entry we got talking to an official to promptly ushered us through the gates and allowed us grand stand seats when he we explained about our Mad Ride. A bit of self promotion does help at times!

After finally making Toulon we found a simple hotel and ate out at a wonderful local place called Pizzaria Taormina for a well earned beer and Pizza.

Another great day on A Mad Ride!


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