@ 22 June 2015- France

David looking some what bewildered by having to use a French washing machine.
David looking some what bewildered by having to use a French washing machine.

Today was a rest day, giving us the opportunity to do our washing and tend to a few house keeping items.

Steve and I wondered the streets of Menton looking for the laundrette (not so romantic that bit) and took the opportunity to stop for a coffee and a bite to eat.

Our first statistics for our Mad Ride; over the first week of riding we have covered 1,863km. The bikes are averaging around 5.5L/100km which means we can get around 550km between stops which is not bad for something as un aerodynamic as our bikes, weighing in at around 290kg without the rider.

Tomorrow it is off to to a lap of the Monaco GP circuit and then head up towards Turin, Italy.

5 thoughts on “@ 22 June 2015- France”

  1. Ahh the drudgery of riding!
    Come back to work mate – no laundry here!

    Keep up the daily news… its a highlight for the day….


  2. Hey David & Steve,
    Make sure you do the Monaco GP track in the right direction 🙂
    You’re certainly putting in the Kms
    keep it up men


    1. I had to “approve” your comments before they went live on the website. I decided to let it through on the basis of allowing even the simple people of this world to have this say! Ha Ha Great to hear from you Mr White.


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