@ 24 June 2015- Italy

Lake Como By Night
This picture does not do the lake justice. A wonderful place

We got off to another reasonable start (before 09:00hrs) today and headed to Como. While stopping off at a town called Bra (yes, that is the correct name), David managed to become distracted and left the Spot Tracking device sitting at a petrol station! Only trouble was we did not realise until we were 65km away in Asti!

So a brisk ride back to Bra and the petrol attendant had the tracker thankfully. Major fail on David’s part!

after the “cock up” we headed through to Como and hit camp around 6:30pm. Unfortunately the camp site last night was rubbish to say the least!

We headed into town and had the most wonderful view of the rip while sitting eating a pizza alongside Lake Como. If you visit Italy, take time to Visit Como!


One thought on “@ 24 June 2015- Italy”

  1. David – what is it with you and the tracker ?!!! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time. But really – the wrong ”Bra” !!!


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