@ 26 June 2015- Italy / Croatia

David taking time to Free camp in Croatia.
David taking time to Free camp in Croatia.

Friday was a different days for Steve and I as Steve was off to Venice to meet his wife who is flying over to meet him (my wife will be over shortly) and I was off to Croatia to spend some time with the “in-laws”, more specifically the Mother in Law. In total the ride through to Nasice, Croatia was approx 875km meaning I arrived well after mid night.

We rode through to the outskirts of Venice together and it was (this is getting boring) another great day of riding! The Euro roads and mountain passes taking road riding to another level.

Even muscling our 290kg rides through mountain passes was fantastic and the capability of the BMW’s to cover ground at a very good pace is a credit to their design. It is when you pull up and try to manoeuvre them that the fun begins!

Steve and I will be catching up on the 1st July to continue our Mad Ride and in the mean time Steve will have quality time with the wife and I shall be earning “browny points” with the mother in law.

3 thoughts on “@ 26 June 2015- Italy / Croatia”

  1. Sounds great David
    you’re certainly covering some ground.
    The terrain sounds great
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you both encounter next


  2. Good to follow you 2 around, it all seems very calm (so far) let’s hope it stays that way! I hope steve & Jo met up ok in Venice & you Dave enjoy your time with your mother in law.


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