@ 30 June 2015- A Very Sad Day (David)

Ken Bacon
How I shall always remember Ken, a man of simple needs but never far from his bike!

I have just received the extremely sad news from Australia that my best mate Ken Bacon has passed away today (3:30pm Sydney time).

Many of you would have read about Ken’s 7yr battle with cancer via the giving page on this website. I thank all those who have donated as we need to find a cure for this terrible disease as soon as possible.

Ken was a wonderful person, someone I am immensely proud to have called a friend.

You will be missed and may the new adventure you are now on, be one hell of a ride!

8 thoughts on “@ 30 June 2015- A Very Sad Day (David)”

  1. So sorry you have lost a dear friend today, it always seems so unfair when these things happen while you are so far away, I hope he passed away peacefully with his family close by. Thinking of you today.


  2. Yes David,
    Ken was a very special person of which I took an immediate liking to. He taught me a lot about this land of ours. Improved my abilities on the motorcycle. If there was ever a single person that made a difference with the quality of my life, it was Ken.
    A Great bloke!
    He will remain in my thoughts in the fondest of memories


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