@ 7 July 2015- Turkey

Great to be together in a wonderful setting.
Great to be together in a wonderful setting.

Today was a day that came with great excitement as both Jo and Kathy (David’s wife) were arriving to meet us. After yesterday’s ride it the icing on the cake!

Both Steve and I slept like babies following yesterday’s adventure. Once we awoke and sat at the local cafe sipping on Turkish coffee (great flavour). We had time to have a chuckle at the ride which also included riding up footpaths and doing manoeuvres that would have us in front of a judge in Australia but in Istanbul were the norm.

the girls arrived at 6:30pm to find Steve and I sitting at a cafe quietly sipping on a beer. Of corse we rushed to assist with their baggage and arranged wine to celebrate.

We now have until Saturday 11th before we must move on, but for now Istanbul is to be explored.

We finished the evening with a fine dinner on a roof top restaurant overlooking the the “Old City”.

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