@ 18 July 2015- Turkey (David’s Fall)

David's Crash
Shortly after I dropped the bike. Not happy with myself!

Today was going so well, we had met up earlier in the with our motor bike shop contact, Oktay Dal of Harput Motosiklet. Oktay had jumped on the back of my bike and we were doing a scenic tour of his local area that he was so proud to show off. See our regular daily post for the scenery.

Unfortunately due to my (David) stupidity I managed to crash my bike on a down hill right hand hairpin bend and in the process injuring our poor host by skinning his right arm. Words cannot describe how bad I am feeling right now. You can see from the pic’s the bike has only minor scratches and my riding gear a slight tear in the right elbow and also the knee. Poor Oktay was not wearing any protection (know one does over here) and as a result scrapped his arm.

He he was ever so polite about the whole incident and kept playing it down. Sorry Oktay.

The crash was a combination of  primarily me just getting it wrong by not allowing for the extra weight, the unsuspecting slippery roads that frequently appear over here and not getting on the power early enough which simply overloaded the grip on the front wheel and the front slid out from under us.

David's Crash skid
Steve guiding motorists around. You can see where we slid by the marks.
Damaged Riding Gear
Slight damage to David’s riding gear.
Apart from the scrapes on the right hand pannier, no other damage of note.

This is the first at fault road crash I have ever had in my riding career (oh, I did drop my bike in a driveway once).

The crash has certainly served as a very real warning to me and for my loved ones reading this post, I shall definitely be treading more carefully from now on.

3 thoughts on “@ 18 July 2015- Turkey (David’s Fall)”

  1. Bugger—not like you & I trust the fellow suffers no long term injury. No comment about the ‘Driveway’—Andy G. very impressed with the LINK & will follow-Bobby


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