@ 30 July- Iran

We rode from Esfahan to Kerman today. The stop off in Kerman was simply to split the distance on our way to the Iran Pakistan boarder. As we moved further from the capital (Tehran) we were finding (as with pretty much every country we visited) that things become basic and less western. Finding people who could speak English was becoming harder to find.

Personally, I was finding the nerves starting to build as I was becoming concerned about what was to be once we crossed the Pakistan boarder.

For now it was about making our way through Iran and the heat we were facing; after all this was the middle of the Iranian summer and we were riding through their desert region.

Today reached 39deg with strong cross winds causing serious concerns as we passed oncoming trucks. At one point I watched Steve nearly being swept off the road by the draft from one of these trucks.

Pollution was  still evident with many large heavy steel manufacturing plants were located in this region.

Tomorrow Zahedan and closer to the Pakistan boarder.


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