@ 16 August 2015- India

The two of us taking in the Taj!
The two of us taking in the Taj!

It was an early start for the day as we we advised to get to the Tajmahal early due to the huge crowds that develope as the day goes on and today was only going to be worse due to the holiday weekend.

So we were out the door at around 06:40am heading to the East gate entry with tickets in hand that we had already purchased yesterday. Arriving early certainly gave us the best opportunity to view this wonder of the world as there were limited numbers of people about.

The building itself is amazing with with such detail and symmetrical layout. Steve found it peacefull an serene to look at where as I found it huge, but actually quite simple being all white and symmetrical. We both agreed it is like no other building we have seen.

The amazing Tajmahal
The amazing Tajmahal

On the way back we stopped and had breakfast at a great little cafe that actually served a good cappuccino which was a bit of a standout for this town.

In the afternoon it was off to see the Old Forte which is a military establishment that was originally built around 1,000a.d. And has been added to in several stages since.

The Entry to the Old Forte which is a very impressive sight
The Entry to the Old Forte which is a very impressive sight
A section of forte
A section of forte

We relaxed in the evening on the rooftop restaurant back at the hotel watching the sun go down over Agra with the Tajmahal n the background. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Statistics For The Week;

Distance travelled for week: 738km

Average Speed for Trip: 58.1km/h

Average Fuel Consumption To Date: 4.5 litre per 100km

4 thoughts on “@ 16 August 2015- India”

  1. Amazing. This must all be so hard to take in – awesome experience after awesome experience. And you are both still in one piece !!


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