@ 19 September 2015- Thailand

Thai Coastline
The view from the beach. Lovely

We got up a little slower today as we had had a few drinks last night and as we had decided to stay a couple of days there was no rush.

We had decided to was h the bikes so we jumped on a couple of loan push bikes the hotel offered and road down to the local Tesco’s supermarket for  few supplies which was a pleasant change to the motor bikes. The weather was great which also helped as it was the first morning in the past couple of months that we could look to the sky and not see a cloud.

Taking time out to ride something a little smaller

After the trip Tesco’s I decided to wash my bike. it was nice to not rush and relax, cleaning and checking over the bike.  Steve hung by the pool and later also washed his bike.

Washed bike
The clean bike after taking time out to wash it

Later in the afternoon our friend Marion came by again and offered to take us to the local beach and show us around. Once again we were off on the sidecar at a very leisurely pace.

As part of the ride to the beach we passed through a military complex that also had a runway that we had to ride across as it was a public road when plains were not landing! very interesting.

Wartime Fighter
A WWii fighter plain outside a military complex
Prachuap Khiri Khan
Prachuap Khiri Khan beach. Lovely
Prachuap Khiri Khan
Local people go swimming in the clothes they are wearing. Rather odd
Prachuap Khiri Khan
Steve and Marion relaxing at the beach

Later in the day and after spending some time relaxing at the beach we were taken to Maggie’s Seaview Guesthouse to meet a few other people (expat’s from various countries around the world). We spent time chatting and having a drink before it it was time for dinner so we were back on the sidecar and off to a nice local Italian restaurant for a bite to eat and off then dropped off back at the hotel.

Beachside Hotel
A lovely hotel/Cafe alongside the beach. Very laid back.

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