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@ 11 July 2015- Turkey

One last thing to buy at the camping store before we left.
One last thing to buy at the camping store before we left.

Today was the day we said goodbye to the girls who flew back to Sydney at lunchtime. It was also time for Steve and I to push on into the East, but not before we made our way to Gallipoli and ANZAC Cove.

It was sad to see the girls depart as we waived goodbye from the kerb as they were ushered off in a yellow Istanbul taxi. It will be the last time we see them till we arrive back in Sydney. Steve and I had taken the opportunity to have any excess items we were carrying taken back home which meant we both managed to loose approximately 10kg of unwanted baggage including getting rid of the bag immediately behind the rider on each bike. WOW, did it make a difference to the way the bikes rode. Such an improvement!

We had to stop off at a camping store prior to leaving town. Steve was after a pair of quick dry shorts and we also wanted dehydrated food.

Once underway the rest of the day went without any hiccups as the navigation out of Istanbul went smoothly and our ride to our destination of Gallipoli was an easy stretch at just under 300km’s. We did stop off for a nanna nap however on the way.

We we have stopped in the town of Gallipoli for the night and we were both underwhelmed at the town as it’s pretty poor and scrappy!

Tomorrow we are off to explore ANZAC Cove, but for tonight it’s a relaxing dinner down at the beach front and an early night.