Not Long To Go

Steve has arrived in London on 19th May and has collected the bikes from Felixstowe Port. My aunt who lives near the Port is kindly storing my bike and Steve has his bike with him while staying at relatives.

I shall be arriving in London on 1st June and look forward to catching up with my mate Steve and my bike of course.

Departure date from London is 14th June when we head for the Coast to get a ferry.

3 thoughts on “Not Long To Go”

  1. You both must be getting excited about this adventure. Enjoy!
    Looking forward to seeing your next post David 🙂


  2. Hi David,
    I had breakfast with you this morning at Ace Cafe. Just wanted to let you know that your trip is inspiring, and that I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I hope you gather some great stories.
    Take care & ride safe,
    Erick Harding ( guy from Tennessee on the Triumph America)


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