@ 15 June 2015- England

David Sight Seeing in London before leaving
There is something really cool about riding your bike from Sydney around London
David’s Bike all ready to go, parked up in London
I obviously had too much time before leaving to clean the bike so well.


Steve and I met up in London last Friday after Steve’s trip to the Isle Of Mann last week for the TT races.

We are currently in the middle of the channel sailing to Bilbao, Spain. It’s all a bit sureal at present as we ha nothing to do for 36 hrs but to relax and drink the odd beer or two. The sea is perfectly calm and the weather fine.

Tomorrow we arrive at Bilbao and will ride to San Sebastián and see what the the Spain has to offer.

We are also updating our Facebook page as it’s easy to do brief updates due to Internet connectivity issues. Visit us on Facebook at “A Mad Ride London To Sydney” for alternate updates.

Starting to to get excited and ready for what is thrown at us!

One thought on “@ 15 June 2015- England”

  1. Sounds like you’re on the edge, looking towards the horizon …
    I’m looking forward to what you & Steve experience next David 🙂


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