@ 25 July 2015- Iran


Everywhere people were so friendly wanting us to eat with them and offering food
Everywhere people were so friendly wanting us to eat with them and offering food

Today we were to carry on down the coast to Salman Shahr on our ways towards the capital of Tehran.

The day was a pretty non eventful day. The water Mellon had been stolen over night so we did not have breakfast before hitting the road.

The traffic was continuing to be a major concern due to the very dangerous manoures that drivers did at high speed. This was proving to take the shine off what could have been a far more pleasurable ride down the Caspian coastline.

We stopped off at a “posh” restaurant for lunch that provided free WiFi. This was a first for us since arriving in Iran. We took the time to catch up on a few emails and realised Facebook was blocked. Apparently the locals simply download an App that provides a VPN which allows you to circumvent the block.  We did not know this.

The he humidity along the coast was extremely high and although the temps were not as high as inland it left you dripping with sweet at the slightest activity.

The day ended at Salman Shahr where we stayed at a very low cost hotel that did not have parking. Fortunately a local man suggested we park the bikes in his locked compound property for safety which we gladly did. He was a solicitor from Tehran and once again proved how kind the people of Iran could be.


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