@ 26 July 2015- Iran

Today we were looking forward to our ride to Karaj (near Tehran) to meet up with my work mates (Milad) parents. I had already met Fariba (Milad’s mum) some months early during her visit to Sydney so it was going to be great to meet again but this time in Faribas home town.

The ride turned out to be the most pleasurable ride we had in Iran, making our way up and over a heavily vegitated mountain pass over 2200m high. The  ride was broken up by a couple of extensive roads works which we simply lane split and made our way to the front which allowed a clean get away when the traffic was waived on.

We arrived at Karaj which is a very large city of several million people and stopped for fuel. A local family asked us if we were ok and upon explaining where we wished to go, offered to escort us (about 10km’s) to where we were to meet Milad’s family. We took up their offer which made the final ride in much easier than navigating ourselves.

While waiting for our friends to arrive the local police offered us to stay in their air conditioned office which was very welcome when you are wearing full riding gear in 36deg temps.

Fariba and her husband, Kamran soon arrived and and it was clear they were very pleased to see us. We then had the task of following Karmran through the streets of inner Karaj which proved interested based on the Iranian people drive.

We arrived at Faribas wonderful inner city apartment and were immediately overwhelmed with the hospitality shown by Fariba, Kamran and Fariba’s good friend, Babnan.

It was great to relax and have the comfort of having local people offer to show you the sites of Tehran and provide accomodation for the next couple of days.

Weekly Statistics

Distance travelled for week- 1,876km

Average speed to date- 61.8km/h

Average fuel consumption to date- 4.9 litres per 100km

One thought on “@ 26 July 2015- Iran”

  1. It’s lovely to spend time with local people & get to know them as special friends, it seems as though you are enjoying your trip as much as you hoped & I’m very pleased for you. We all look forward to your updates,it’s good to travel along with you. Mums birthday today so we’ll be quite busy nothing major planned but friends will be popping in & out all day so nice & sociable , take care & continue to enjoy.x


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