@ 6 August- Pakistan

After a lovely breakfast and a slow start following yesterday’s hell ride we were heading to Lahore. We still had approx 450km’s to get to Lahore and we were to be escorted from the hotel.

The  pollution was horrific, however the scenery did start to change with more greenery with trees. We had to force the escorts to stop on a couple of occasions today as they are very reluctant to stop at the road side, however we insisted on at least a couple of snack breaks and to give our legs a stretch.

The roadside shops were very basic, however one shop owner refused to take money from us as he considered us guests in his country. A very nice gesture.

We were finally set free by our escorts 100km short of Lahore which then allow us to crack on at a higher pace . Stopping 15km’s short of Lahore we were checking our maps and we received a note from Ralf and Yin (aka, The Germans) that they were at a hotel and have arranged parking for our bikes and a room  great news, so we were off and all we had to do was find the place!

Having ridden to within a few hundred metres of the hotel we then spent the next 1/2hr getting to the front door as it was dark when we finally arrived and the streets in the centre of the city were manic. We arrived and were greeted by our friends and settled in for the evening.

The hotel staff were great and very accomodating making room in the back yard for our bikes. Lahore itself was a very average so tomorrow we planned to head straight to the boarder.

Pakistan truck
A typical truck and its load in Pakistan defying physics
Trucks of Pakistan
A view from behind of a slightly overloaded truck

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