@ 8 August- India

Wagah Boarder Guard
A beautiful Indian Boarder Guard at the Wagah Crossing

After our arduous journey through Pakistan it was time to stop for a couple of days to rest and do all the house work so to speak. Amritsar is a relaxed and pleasant town compared to where we had come.

After organising our riding gear and clothing to be washed it was time to get out and explore and went shopping with Ralf and Yin to buy a few bits and pieces. Adding to the fun was having all 4 of us piling into one Tuk Tuk.

We managed to find a descent coffee which was the first in many weeks. Steve was happy as he found an additional SD card he had looking for recently.

Later in the day the four of us had orangised a guide to drive us to several sites around Amritsar. First we were off to Hindu Temple which was a bit like a maze that you would find at a fun park, except with various reliquary related shrines located around the outer section of the temple and a large open area where the disciples would congregate for worship.

Hindu temple
A couple of religious men at the Hindu temple
Ringing the Bell
David gigging the bell a “bit hard” and surprising himself

We were then off to witness the evening closing ceremony of the “Wagah” Indian/Pakistan boarder crossing which has been a practice dating back to 1959. Basically it is an Indian/Pakistan version of the New Zealand Haka But with automatic rifles and a bit more Bollywood to it.

It was great to watch but interestingly Ralf our German friend witnessed a different side as he could see similarities between this and the bad days of the Nazi’s due to the hyping of the crowds who were chanting negative cries to the Pakistani’s the other side of the boarder. This certainly did detract from the cerimony and certainly does nothing to improve relationships between the two countries.

Indian Boarder Guard
A very imposing and well dressed BFS (boarder force security) guard

After the Wagah show it was off to to visit the Golden Temple which we were advised is best viewed by night. As with al these significant temples we have visited throughout our Mad Ride the size was staggering and effort put into building was impressive to say the least. Something we find ironic when there is extreme poverty all around.

The temple we were told had approx 750kg of gold leaf covering the roof and various parts of the building. The water area in front of the Temple that people were bathing in as there are meant to be healing properties in the water.

Golden Temple
An impressive Golden Temple

Our driver left us at the temple which allowed us time to explore and have dinner at a local Indian restaurant which is always fun and a bit of a gamble with your tummy.

The evening ended with a Tuk Tuk ride back to the hotel. All in all a pretty good day site seeing.

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