@ 11 August 2015- India

Today was to be a busy day as we had several items to attend to including submitting our visa applications for Myanmar as soon as possible.

Hangin outside the Myanmar Consulate, New Delhi
Hangin outside the Myanmar Consulate, New Delhi, but it was shut!

Fortunetly The Vibe Hotel where we were staying offered a late model hire car with driver for only $36US a full day which worked out a treat when having to navigate Delhi.

Navigating the traffic of Delhi by car
Navigating the traffic of Delhi by car

First we were off to the Myanmar consulate to submit our visa applications. First problem for the day occurs as the visa office is only open between 10:00am & 11:00am daily (despite the website saying all day) and we arrived at 11:40am! It would not have been so bad but due to the traffic and location it was a two hour drive each way. We checked with the guards what we would need for tomorrow and off we went.

Next stop was to visit a camping store as my camel back bladder had failed recently and Steve required a new bag and a top. We were fortunate the driver knew his way around and although we had to use an interpreter via his mobile phone to discuss anything. We were soon at a great little camping store and we were able to get what we wanted.

Next we had a break for food which involved making a quick run from the car to the shop due to the monsoon rain occurring.

After lunch it was off to a bank nearby our hotel to obtain a bank cheque for the visa applications. The first bank had a fault with their printer so we then drove another 15km (each way) to another bank that would provide a cheque.

More on the cheque later but for now it was time to introduce ourselves to the service department of the BMW dealer where we were to get our bikes serviced as they had traveled 14,750kms since last having a spanner on them.

It was great to meet the people I had been emailing some 6 months earlier as part of the preparations for our Mad Ride. We were hoping the tyres I had being shipped from Mumbai (I had pre shipped them there as tyres are not available in India) had not arrived yet. A BIG shout out to Shyam Narayanan who is my Great work colleague back at Suncorp in Sydney who assisted greatly with his cousin in Mumbai to have the tyres shipped. Thanks loads!

We arranged to drop the bikes off tomorrow and hopefully the tyres would be in by then?

We had achieved most of what we wanted but it was going to be a case of heading back to the Myanmar consulate tomorrow to have another go at submitting our visa’s.

No this is not a parking lot, it's typical Delhi traffic, note the folded back mirrors. Who needs them?
No this is not a parking lot, it’s typical Delhi traffic, note the folded back mirrors. Who needs them?

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