@ 12 August- India

A view from Inside our hired car with driver.
A view from Inside our hired car with driver.

After yesterday’s fail in trying to submit our visa applications for Myanmar we had booked the car and driver once more and hit the road early to ensure we made the 10:00am opening to for the embassy office.

We arrived right on time and were second in line and had all our paperwork ready to go. We confidently handed the applications over and within a minute had the bank cheque handed back stating it would not be accepted as the diligent embassy official kindly pointed out that the word “Myanmar” was incorrectly spelt (Mayanmar).

After yesterday’s efforts to lodge our applications and then again today being rejected for such a beurocratic reason both Steve and I tried to reason with the official. Reasoning did not work…….. “Bank fault, bank must fix, not my fault” was pretty much the only response we were offered.

So it was then a mad rush to find another bank that would issue a cheque with the correct spelling. Thanks to some good old fashioned Delhi driving and both Steve and I firmly strapped in the back seat of the car, we soon had the cheque and returned to submit our paperwork with a few minutes to spare before the office shut.  We now hoped that when we return tomorrow that the visas would be granted ok.

On the way back to the hotel it also meant an additional trip to the issuing bank to get our first cheque refunded. Thankfully that went smoothly.

We manged to make it back to the hotel with enough time to drop the bikes off at the BMW dealer and for them to start work on them.  Steve headed back to the hotel to research our next journey leg while I stayed with the bikes to oversee the work being carried out.

Steve’s bike was first and all went well including having the damaged pannier from a couple of days earlier being repaired.  We manged to have the bike sorted and done on the day. Sorted!

The driving tally for the day was that we only hit one Tuk Tuk and and a push bike with no fatalities! Ha Ha

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