@ 13 August 2015- India

Today was to be our 3rd day stopping in New Delhi  with my bike being serviced today (hopefully tyres will arrive) and Steve will aim to strap himself in the rental car and let the driver do his thing so he can go back up town for a 3rd day running to collect the visa’s.

I pleased that my bike servicing went well with no additional work required, however I was still awaiting the arrival of the tyres and the week was running out as it was a Thursday already.

Fortunately I had now been sent the consignment details for the tyre shipment so we were now able to chase up the delivery at this end.

Getting the bikes serviced
Getting the bikes serviced
A well deserved clean along with the service
A well deserved clean along with the service

The great news was that Steve collected the visa’s without any hassle. We were both looking forward to visiting Myanmar however the visit process when arriving overland was more difficult as the application date was time critical and had to be done in person rather than a simple prior to our original departure.

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