@ 22 September 2015- (David) Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Airport

The view from the front of the hotel I stayed at. KL Terminal 2

The freighting of the bike was the order of the day.

Kathy had been busy back in Sydney chasing up the freight forwarders and I now had things agreed with a company (ANC Global Malaysia- Mr Haji Hisham Hashim) to air freight the bike back to Sydney. I managed to speak with Haji first thing and agreed to drop the bike off at the Cargo Terminal at 3:00pm today which meant the bike had to be cleaned and prepared before then.

As I was staying at the airport I figured it would mean a trip to the local town centre to buy the cleaning equipment to sort the bike, but would you believe their was a supermarket in the airport where I could even buy a toilet brush! Try and do that at Heathrow or Sydney airports. Ha

Clean Equipement
Believe it of not, you can buy all these things at the airport.. Including a toilet brush. Ha

As the bike needed to pass through Australian customs it was vital that all the dirt and muck was removed so as not to cause any possibility of importing anything that may be adverse to the Australian forma or flora.

The staff at the hotel found it quite funny watching this tourist spending so much time cleaning his bike, especially when I was using the toilet brush. 2 hours later and the bike was ready to be shipped.

After lunch I jumped on the bike and took the short ride around to the Cargo Village where I met Haji from the freight Co to hand the bike over. It had been an amazing ride but this is where I said goodby to the bike till I collect it back in Sydney. It was such a pity the bike could not be air freighted to Darwin, enabling the final ride back to Sydney from the top of Australia.

Cargo Village
Handing the bike over to Sham from Freight Forwarding Co.
Cargo Village
Locking the bike safely laway at Kuala Lumpur Cargo Village

Once the bike was handed over it was a quick shop at the local seconds shop to buy a couple of luggage cases to pack my belongings for my flight home.

As the bike was now sorted I was able to purchase a ticket for my trip home online. I would now be flying back to Sydney tomorrow!

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