@ 23 September 2015- (David) Malaysia to Australia

My bags are packed ready for my flight back to Sydney
Bags Packed

My flight today was at 3:50pm so the morning was taken up trying to work out how I would pack all my luggage from the trip, including my bulky motorcycle boots, armoured riding outfit, helmet and camping equipment.

I popped back into the airport shops and begged a suit shop for a large suit hanger and bag (the type they give away with new suit purchases) which sorted the issue of how to carry the riding outfit. For the helmet I popped into Toys R Us (at the airport) and grabbed a large plastic shopping bag which only meant I now needed to pack the boots in my suite case with all the other bits.

I managed to get my checked in luggage case down to 22.5kg and the carry on bag was around 15kg. All I had to do was make sure no one weighed my carry on luggage. I had inner tubes, spark plugs, oil filter and may other random pieces of camping equipment inside my carry on bag which would surely create interest should any security check occur.

The morning quickly went and it was soon time to check in for my flight home. I was feeling sad that I was finishing up this amazing adventure but pleased that the next day I would be reunited with my loved ones back in Sydney.

Goodby Malaysia.

This had been my final hotel for the trip


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